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Boaventura is land of illustrious and humble people, settlers and landlords. A strip of land where the man is sheltered in mild valleys in an area that goes from the sea to the mountains.


In terms of architecture two manor house stand out: The first one, called the Banhos, from the end of the 19th century. XVIII, recovered in 1992, for a hotel, and then called “Solar da Boa Ventura”, and Silveira, which presents recorded at the entrance door the year 1783. It was the home of the Lício de Lagos. The story speaks of the presence of the illustrious Portuguese poet and writer, Antero de Quental, as a guest of his aunt D. Isabel de Quental.


The discovery of the tourist potential of the North Coast goes back to the eighteenth century, its virginal nature, where the Laurissilva forest stands out, its real paths and levadas, which made the delight of new adventurers and discoverers.

As testimony of then, we remember:


In 1851 Edward Harcourt (A Sketch of Madeira) says that he could not leave the island without having this encounter with the dazzling scene of the north, which materialized in a walk made by Curral and returning by Boaventura. In Bonaventure the rugged beauty of the landscape is praised, indescribable in the voice of the writer and poet.

S. Peacock (The Treatise on the Climate and Meteorology of Madeira.1850) defines Boaventura as a romantic valley.

For E. Wortley (The Visit to Portugal and Madeira, 1854) "it is the most beautiful setting I have ever seen"

With these excerpts and images, we invite you to visit Boa Ventura and the Madeira North Coast of Madeira.


Places, Routes & Activities

a. The Entrosa path, between Arco São Jorge and São Cristovão, in Boa Ventura

b. The beach and the ascent of Ribeira do Porco

c. The Urzal Trail that connects the Curral das Freiras to Boa Ventura

d. The Levada dos Tornos

e. Canyoning


a. The Arraial da Fajã do Penedo, in September

b. Feast of the Soupas do Campo, in June

c. The Boa Ventura Trail, in January


a. A Espetada Regional at the Restaurant "A Fronteira"

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